Assembling the Memorial Float

A Memorial Float is a very special item once it's put together.  As such, we want to make sure to pass on any tricks that we've learned in handling the assembly of the Float.

  1. First, note that the glass "cookie" that's in the box with the Memorial Float has been individually matched to work with that Float.  If you've received more than one Float, make sure to check which "cookies" is intended for which Float!
  1. Add the ashes to the Float through the opening.  Using a funnel helps.

  1. A number of different adhesives can be used to attach the cookie to the float.  Assuming you want a permanent bond, we recommend a 2-part epoxy of the type you're likely to find at any hardware store

  1. Read the directions for the epoxy - this is a one-shot deal!  If it's not mixed well, it may fail.  If it's not mixed in equal parts, it may fail.  If it takes too long to get into place, it may fail.
  1. Apply the epoxy to the ground area of the Float (do not apply any to the cookie - there will be plenty).  Since some adhesive will squeeze out when pressing on the cookie, try to leave a little space (maybe 1/8" to 1/4") around the outside edge of the ground area for the epoxy to squeeze onto - if you squeeze excess epoxy onto the non-ground surface of the floats, it can be very difficult to clean up.
  1. Set the flat, ground side of the cookie onto the ring of epoxy on the Float.  If the wrong side is used, it will probably not adhere very well.   
  1. As soon as the cookie contacts the epoxy, you will see a dark area where the epoxy has contacted the cookie - you will also notice that it's NOT a continuous ring.  Slowly and gently rotate the cookie until you see the epoxy spread into a continuous ring - that will ensure a good seal.  You can press down on the cookie while rotating it, but watch for any excess epoxy being squeezed out. 
  1. You're not done yet!  Even if the epoxy is the "5 minute" type, the cookie can "drift" off the the side for up to an hour - then you really have a problem!  To stabilize it, we use electrician's tape: 
    1. Use a 6-12" piece across the cookie in one direction, and stretch out one end or the other to center the cookie.  
    2. Then use another 6-12" piece in the opposite direction, creating an "X", again stretching one end or the other to center the cookie.
  1. Keep an eye on the position of the cookie - remember, wherever it ends up is where it's going to be, permanently.  
  1. Enjoy your Memorial Float!