Jim Aden

"My passion for glass all began in the hot glass shop during my studies at Portland State University in Portland Oregon, the year1975. Then in 1980 I opened a stained glass studio in Multnomah Village in Southwest Portland. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Art at Western Oregon University in 1993. and continued glass studies at Bullseye Glass in Portland and Eugene Glass School in Eugene, Oregon.

"I established Jaden Glassworks in 2007, and traveled to juried art festivals in Nebraska, Missouri, Montana, Wyoming, Washington and Oregon during 2010. I learned "lost ice" casting with Joseph Harrington from the UK in 2013. Instructed during Glass Stock West in 2013."

We met Jim after he'd lived in Salem, Oregon for decades. More recently, he moved to Brownville, Nebraska, where he owns and operates River View Glass.