Custom Color Memorial Orb

Bob Meyer

You might see color mixes elsewhere on our site that you'd like to see in an Orb.  Admittedly, our Orb color choices are relatively few..  Some colors may work out well, and some not - and for many, we will not know until/unless one with those colors is made.  It's important to note that colors will look different in different settings - in the floats, the color is on the surface - in the shades - the color is encased and blown (stretched out) - in the Orbs, the color is encased and not blown (stretched out) at all.:  each one of these will have a different look.

You can use this item to order an Orb of a different color, but we recommend that you contact us beforehand to see how it might work out.  Remember, we can't do any returns on Orbs for colors not looking how you'd like.

Color Pattern