Required Clothing

The potential hazards involved in glassblowing should be obvious.  But there are various ways of minimizing those hazards - and one of them is by wearing appropriate clothing.
  • Closed-toe shoes only!  Molten glass is soft enough to drip, in which case you don't want your feet under it even in boots!.   
  • Cotton shirt and pants only!  Many synthetics melt with the heat, and will become very sticky!
  • In the "not exactly clothing" department, long hair must be pulled back and tied!   We get eyebrow and arm hair singed all the time - think about what long, loose hair could do!  
  • Long pants are a must - you'll get plenty warm in them, but I can show you a couple ugly calf scars I got from wearing shorts!
  • Safety Glasses - will be provided, but MUST be worn AT ALL TIMES in the glassblowing area. Still-hot glass can pop off the pipes while cooling (which means "less then 1,000 degrees F) and fly surprising distances!