Our Sitting Floats are our most similar style to the original fishing floats.  Once they're blown to the desired size, a "plug" of glass is fused onto the Float to seal the opening left by the blowpipe.  Whereas that "plug" of glass was contoured to the curve of the original floats, our is flattened to provide a base for the Float to sit on.

Our Hanging Floats are a variation from the original fishing floats.  Rather than just sealing the float with a plug of glass, we stretch it out to loop it into a hook from which the Float can hang.  These are a great option if you're short on horizontal display space, or would rather have a Float in the window. 

Our Lighted Float is an entirely decorative variation of the original fishing floats.  Like the Treasure Float, there's a 1.5" diameter opening ground into it, but that opening is intended to remain so that a light bulb can protrude into the Float.  We have a couple of woodworkers that make the lighted bases to go with these Floats - take a look here!  Please note that the lighted bases do not come as a package with the Floats.