Guidelines for Minors

Parent or Legal Guardian must sign Waiver of Liability form before Minor Child is allowed participation in our Experiences.  Signature of any other adult on Waiver is not accepted as valid.

Parent or Legal Guardian must confirm that the Minor Child:

  • is at least 8 years of age and 48" tall.  No exceptions

  • is in good physical and mental condition, capable of participating in a program like glassblowing

  • has no impairments, except what has previously been communicated to the program leaders

  • is not on medication that might affect their ability to participate

  • has not had any symptoms of - or has been in contact with any person with - Covid-19 or any other infectious disease for a period of at least two weeks

  • understands that they must follow all rules, and that their Experience may be terminated (with no refund) if they do not;  this includes our no-smoking, no-alcohol, no-drug policy
 Parent or Legal Guardian must understand and accept:
  • the risks inherent to glassblowing - that the Minor will be in close proximty to temperatures of over 2,000 degrees F.

  • that there exists a risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases from engaging in glassblowing activities
Amanda, the Experience Leader, will provide:
  • safety glasses to all participants (must be worn at all times, or Experience will be stopped)

  • an orientation prior to the Experience:
    • that equipment and glass are very hot
    • that nothing is to be touched without being directed to
    • to listen closely to what Amanda says
    • to follow all directions given by Amanda