Memorial Floats v1.0

The Memorial Float is a blown glass sphere of any diameter between 4" and 8".  As with any Float, it will have an opening left from where it breaks off the blow pipe.  Whereas other Floats have this opening sealed with molten glass, the Memorial Float remains open to be ground smooth after cooling.  A separate glass disk is made to be epoxied onto the Float later to seal the Float.  This allows you to add the ashes to the Memorial Float at any time, and to do it yourself.  The directions for sealing the Memorial Float are here.

Our original Memorial Float has the colors applied to the surface of the Float, and with no background color - the same as in our other Floats.  This results in maximally vivid colors, as well as a textured surface.  The one difference from our other Floats is the use of significantly more glass, adding to the thickness and sturdiness of the piece.   The ashes in these Memorial Floats will be visible to some extent, as most of our color combinations contain at least some transparent colors.