Memorial Orbs - page (plain)


Our Memorial Orb is a solid glass sphere of 3.5” in diameter, and is comprised of three layers of clear glass.  The ashes are encased between the first two layers, and the colors you have chosen between the next two.  The result is a permanent spherical showcase of ash moving through once-molten glass, now "frozen" in place. 

Since the ashes become part of the glass, we need to have the ashes to create the Orbs.  You can bring them in, of course, or you can ship them - but only via USPS, following the steps described in my blog on "Sending Ashes for Memorial Orbs".

  (Please Note:  We cannot create Orbs with "Aquamation" ashes (usually a yellowish color) - see Bob's Blog "A Word on Cremation Alternatives". )