You’ll notice varying techniques used by the glass fusers.  Items like the dishes and sushi plates will use a full fuse followed by a slump, while others will go through a series of full fuses. Some items will have strictly sheets of glass that have been cut for the piece, others will have colored frit, small metal pieces, or dichroic glass added to the sheets. Some items will be very small, detailed pieces like earrings, and others will will be larger tabletop pieces. You'll see quite a variety of items here!

Vicki Meyer

As co-owner of Ocean Beaches Glassblowing & Gallery, Vicki has been through all the phases of it's growth - the slow times and busy, the hard work and the gratification.  

She got her first exposure to glass by starting glassblowing lessons with Bob.  However, it didn't take her long to realize that glassblowing was not for her.  But she soon came across glass fusing, and has become our leading fused glass artist.

Karel Murphy

Karel Murphy’s smaller fused glass artwork can be found in Ocean Beaches Gallery, and are unique, one-of-a-kind, and made to be used.  Karel creates each piece by using a variety of techniques that layer small pieces of glass into designs that are colorful and sometimes textural.  Once designed, the glass is placed in a glass kiln and fired multiple times to create its final form. The end results are small, functional, and decorative glass bowls, soap dishes, spoon rests, and Cracker Rackers. She also designs mosaic and glass jewelry, as well as larger glass and mosaic artwork.

Karel Murphy lives in the forested hills of the Coast Range outside of Philomath, Oregon, where she has her studio, Karel Murphy Designs.  She is a member of the Pacific Northwest Glass Guild and the Fire and Light Glass Guild of Corvallis.

Patt Owens

Patt enjoys working with glass of any kind. She works with stained glass, fused glass, and combinations of the two.

Debra Hanson

"When the company I work for moved the administrative office to Newport a number of years ago, something strange and wonderful happened to me - an artistic part of my brain became aware as I attended a glass fusing workshop. I was hooked and glass became my obsession.

"Glass to me is warm and cold at the same time. It is so fascinating to me how light can change the color of a piece of glass. My favorite activity with glass is creating a living creature out of glass without any of the normal colors - my glass bugs and fish skeletons are an example. And then there is dichroic glass.....definitely uncharted territory. With my husband Rick's assistance we are also exploring sandblasting iridescent glass and creating functional plates.”

Debra currently lives and maintains her studio in McMinneville, Oregon.