Lampworking is a type of glasswork in which a torch or (formerly) a lamp is used to soften a rod or tube of glass long enough to shape it or blow it into the desired form. Since oil lamps are no longer used as the heat source, it is also now referred to as flamework or torchwork.

Lampworking was primarily used in the recent past to make items like vacuum tubes and scientific glassware. More recently, the process has found a place in the art world, being used to create items like beads, figurines, marbles, small vessels, and much more.

Jim Aden

"My passion for glass all began in the hot glass shop during my studies at Portland State University in Portland Oregon, the year 1975. Then in 1980 I opened a stained glass studio in Multnomah Village in Southwest Portland. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Art at Western Oregon University in 1993. and continued glass studies at Bullseye Glass in Portland and Eugene Glass School in Eugene, Oregon.

We met Jim after he'd lived in Salem, Oregon for decades. More recently, he moved to Brownville, Nebraska, where he owns and operates River View Glass.  You can find some of Jim's items we offer for sale here.

Eli Mazet

"Mazet Studios" is the work of the three Mazet brothers: Joshua, Eli and Timothy, who have been creating glass art since about 2000. The Pacific Northwest has become a recognized center for glass art and is very competitive with skilled contemporary lamp workers. The award winning Mazet brothers are based in Eugene, Oregon.

Over the years their work has received recognition and awards including The Eugene Glass School Flame-Off, Sonoran Glass Academy Flame-Off and Glass Craft and Bead Expo Gallery of Excellence. In addition to their studio work, Joshua and Eli regularly instruct lamp working from their private studio and at various schools throughout the U.S. Presently their work can be found in private and public collections, fine galleries and museums, across the country and internationally.     

The Mazet brothers live and maintain their studio in Eugene, Oregon.

James Lais

"I'm mostly self-taught, used to be a sign painter/graphic designer. Love glass more than I should. Totally addicted to my torch. Will never, ever quit. Started in 2004, make a lot of different things from borosilicate (Pyrex) glass. Thanks for checking out my work. I plan to add new items regularly forever!"

James currently lives and maintains his studio in Hood River, Oregon.

Chris Barclay

Starting his glass art career in Florence, Oregon, Chris started supplying us with his work in 2011. It wasn't long (2013) before he opened his own studio in Lompoc, California, and continues to offer us his novel items.

Chris specializes in torchwork, which is what you'll see in the photos here, but also has a background in soft glass - in particular by working with renowned glass sculptor Charlie Lowrie.

Chris creates a diverse number of items. He's been doing great with creating tiny glass animals, and either leaving them solo or attaching them to wine bottle stoppers or pens.

You can see his more current work on his Facebook page, Barclay's Glassblowing Studio