We have a number of highly-regarded painters in the gallery. Check out their offerings!

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Metal Art by Dan Anderson

Take a look at Dan's work - it's really pretty nice. All work is done with sheets of copper, whether it's with the repousse technique or by grinding.

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Weaving by Anna Biszantz

Anna Biszantz is a multi talented artist working mostly in woven arts and jewelry design. Although Anna is an east coast native, after a trip out to the Oregon Coast in 2004, the Pacific Northwest became home. A true nature lover, she can usually be found at the beach looking for Agates and taking plenty of pictures for later inspiration.

Recycling is a theme that runs through most of her work: weaving tapestries depicting scenes inspired by the Pacific Northwest from textile mill ends and woven plastic bag baskets are just a couple examples.

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Jewelry by Amy Pattison

Amy is self-taught, and dwells in multi-mediums including paint, wire sculpture, net-weaving, and pen & paper. She has also done large murals in the Newport Oregon area.

Amy is also a musician, playing the piano and singing with her partner in a group called "Southpaw Poets".  

Amy strives to display locally, and donates whenever possible.

You can find more of her work on her etsy page - AllFoundArtisty

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Candleholders by Joan Hoffman

Joan use agates from the beach and scraps from Bob's broken blown pieces to create beautiful candleholders and other decorative pieces.  The agates/glass scraps are tumbled briefly to smooth the edges, enclosed between two different sized glasses, and then sealed along the open edge to fix everything in place.

Joan lives and maintains her studio near Waldport, OR.

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Jewelry by Ann Nicholson

Ann is a local right here in Seal Rock, OR. She loves color and shape and she tries to bring both of these qualities to her watercolor paintings. The works of stained glass and quilting artists are so beautiful that she wishes she had time to learn how to make them; so the next best thing is to create work that often captures their essence.

In our gallery, we have prints of her watercolors and her sea themed necklaces. 

You can find more of Ann's work on her website - Ann Nicholson

Stickers by Kristen Bales

We've known Kristen for years. She started working for us during high school, stayed in touch while getting her college degree in graphic arts, and worked for us again for a few years until she decided to stay home and be a Mom. She's still putting her skills to use, though, with these stickers that she makes from her own drawings.

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Jewelry by Jennifer Dudding

You can actually, literally take home a little bit of our beaches!