Although Bob has most of the blown glass in the gallery, we also have a fair amount from other people. Right now we have Brett, Patrick, Mike and Pam included, with more detail on each below. It's interesting to see that variation in styles between all of them.

Brett Flanigan

Brett began blowing glass in 2008, and opened Flanigan's Glass Gallery in Lincoln City, Oregon in April of 2012 - around the time he started blowing glass at our studio.  His work is also displayed in the Cultural Center's gift shop, in Lincoln City.

Brett enjoys experimenting with color combinations, patterns and sculpture. He makes floats, paperweights, marbles, scallop shells, vases, and bowls. 

Brett resides in Lincoln City, Oregon, and blows glass at Ocean Beaches Glassblowing in Seal Rock. 

Patrick Cahill

Patrick has an unusual passion for glassblowing, and it shows in his work.  He is our primary source of glass pumpkins, for instance - and he has a wide variety of other extremely popular items.

Patrick is also an occasional guest artist at Ocean Beaches Glassblowing, when he shares some of his new techniques with Bob.

Patrick lives in Tacoma, Washington. As of 2012, he owns and operates his own glassblowing studio - Area 253 Glassblowing - also in Tacoma.

Mike Crowley & Pam Pitts

Mike creates some extremely intricate blown glass art, and often works together with Pam (see below). They also own and operate The Glass Hive, where they make glassblowing equipment for both soft glass and borosilicate work.

Pam had been primarily a Lampwork artist, but now spends a fair amount of her free time working with soft glass. You can see from the photos here that she creates some amazing paperweights, for instance.

Mike and Pam live and maintain their studio near Tidewater, Oregon.