We carry a fairly large collection of stained glass items - from small, whimsical pieces to large hangings to 3-dimensional "containers".  We will be adding some of these items to our online store in the near future.

by Gary Lund

Gary has been making stained glass artwork for over 30 years. He has spiritual inspiration and produces both ancient Vedic sacred art and new creations. The Yantras and OM symbols give peace and protection where they hang.

Gary lives and maintains his studio near Seattle, Washington.

by Marie Hamilton

"When I started planning for retirement, I decided I needed to try a few new hobbies to ensure I would keep busy. After 30+ years as a professional in technology, I needed a change of pace. I had often thought of learning the art of stained glass, so chose that to be my first class. That was quite a few years ago now, and I have never wanted to try anything else. My love of glass borders on obsession. The hundreds of variations in texture and color fascinate me.

"As my fellow glass artists know, once you have given every member of your family,(including distant third cousins), a gift of your work and you have every available space in your home covered, you need to think about selling your art. It is the only way I can justify continually buying new glass.

"I joined the Yaquina Art Center a month after moving to Oregon in 2006 and have enjoyed the camaraderie of the group in addition to the opportunity to show and sell my work. I participate in local craft shows and sometimes do the Newport Farmer's market. My work can also be seen at the Green Gables Café and Halcyon in Nye Beach, and Ocean Beaches Glassblowing in Seal Rock."

by Judy Hiscocks

Judy captures some very nice beach scenes in her stained glass work. Using only clear glass so as not to obscure the view, she uses beveled glass for added effect, and creates a wide number of shapes and sizes of these beach scenes.

by Patt Owens

Patt creates a number of whimsical stained glass items. She's not happy working with just stained glass, though - make sure to also take a look at her items in the Fused Glass section.