Kathy creates her paintings using either acrylics or oils.  She also offers Prints, Tempered Glass Boards and Ceramic Tiles of those paintings.

The Glass Boards and Ceramic Tiles are created from a professional photograph of Kathy's original art work. The photograph is printed as a gel ink transfer on a special printer, and is then placed onto a ceramic tile or tempered glass board in a 400-degree heat press for 15 minutes. This process is called sublimation, and it is a permanent process - and a bit magic.

The tempered Glass Boards have feet on the the back for protection on any surface.  These are heat resistant - I keep one on the top my stove for laying hot items from the oven on.  Each Ceramic Tile has an "easel backing" to display them with, or hooks to hang them on a wall.  These are heat resistance.  The Glass Boards and Ceramic Tiles are both 8"x10"

Prints come in overall sizes of 11"x14" (8"x10" print with 11"x14" matting), 16"x20" (11"x14" print with 16"x20" matting), and 12"x20" (8"x15.5" print with 12"x20" matting).