Large Shades w/Color Swirl

To create the color swirl effect, the colored glass frit is applied directly to the piece over the opaque background color, rather than to a wrap.  Whereas the wrap stretches the melted colors into that sweeping movement, the directly applied frit initially looks like colored dots. However, once softened, a sort of finger-painting method is used to create movement in those dots with the use of various tools.

Please note:  We do our best to make sure that all colors in the photos are accurate in terms of how the actual Shade looks with the light bulb turned on.  Be aware that all photos you see here are of Shades that we've had in the past, and NOT Shades that we have on hand to send to you.  Further, unless you computer display is specially calibrated, you may get the wrong impression of the colors in the Shades.  Lastly, since our Shades are hand-blown one at a time using NO molds, the one thing we CAN guarantee is that they'll all look different to some degree - which most people see as part of their beauty.  If you do not feel comfortable with this, you may want to think twice about ordering any hand-blown glass.