Fixtures: Table Lamps (down-facing)

The Down-Facing Table Lamps come with two bulbs, and in a different configuration than any other fixture.  The light sockets are not threaded on their outsides, and the shade is not attached to them.  Instead, there's a rod that extends vertically through the center of the base all the way to the finial on top of the shade.  There's always a vase cap that comes with the lamp to go immediately under the finial - we just add a second vase cap under the shade to sandwich and secure it.  You'll see some photos of how it all works. These table lamps are ideal for our Large Shades.

Of course, there is another kind of common table lamp - the type that uses a harp to hold the shade.  These generally will not work for our shades - most harps are made for extremely light ones.  However, we have had a couple customers that have found heavy duty harps that they've been successful with, but we have not dealt with them.