Memorial Floats

As mentioned, the Memorial Float is a blown glass sphere, made in a variety of sizes that can hold varying amounts of ash.  You can order it right here on our website.  Start by choosing the color combination you'd like.  Within that product, you'll find options for size, color pattern, and whether you'd like white in the background.  The capacity of each size is shown to the left.  The instructions for assembly are here.  We will contact you with any questions we have.   

We currently have two styles of Memorial Float.  Make sure to look at the photos to clarify these descriptions:

1. Original:  Colors are applied to the surface of the Float, with no background color.  This results in a brighter and sharper look of the colors and a textured surface, as with our standard floats.  Also, the ashes are likely to be visible, since our color combinations always consist mostly of transparent colors. 

2. Encased:  Colors are applied over a solid layer of white, and then encased with a layer of clear glass.  This results in a more diffused look of the color, and a perfectly smooth surface.  You are not likely to see any of the ashes with this style.