Memorial Glass

We have two options for Memorial Glass:  the Memorial Orb, and the Memorial Float.

Our Memorial Orb is a solid glass sphere of 3.5” in diameter, and is comprised of multiple layers of clear glass.  The ashes are encased between the first two layers, and the colors you have chosen between the next two.  The result is a permanent spherical showcase of ash moving through once-molten glass, now "frozen" in place. 

Each Memorial Orb requires only a small amount of ash, making it possible to share a loved one between multiple family members.  And being a solid piece of glass, the Orb is the least fragile of our Memorial pieces. 

Bob has been creating Memorial Orbs since he started his studio in 2005. He creates the Orbs right in our glassblowing shop in Seal Rock, handling the ashes meticulously throughout the process.  


The Memorial Float is a blown glass sphere of any diameter between 4" and 8".  As with any other Float, it will have an opening left from where it breaks off the blow pipe.  Whereas the other Floats usually have this opening sealed with molten glass, the Memorial Float remains open to be ground smooth after cooling.  A separate glass disk (a "cookie") is made to be epoxied onto the Float later to seal the Float.  This allows you to add the ashes to the Memorial Float at any time, and to do it yourself.  

Bob started making Memorial Floats in about 2010.  He initially focused on using the Orb to contain ashes, since solid glass is so sturdy.  But the requests kept coming for something that would hold more ash, but be a little less traditional than the standard urn.  Bob adapted the standard Floats for this purpose by making them with a lot more glass, making them thicker and stronger.