Memorial Glass

Our Memorial Orb is a solid glass sphere 3.5” in diameter that contains a small amount of ash of a loved one - a permanent spherical showcase of ash and color moving through once-molten glass, now "frozen" in place.  Bob has been creating Memorial Orbs since he started his studio in 2005. He creates the Orbs at our glassblowing shop in Seal Rock, handling the ashes meticulously throughout the process.  

The Memorial Float is a blown glass sphere, available in diameters of 4" to 8".  There's an opening in the bottom of the Float through which the ashes are added, and a glass disk included to seal the opening.   Bob started making Memorial Floats in about 2010, with the same type of textured surface of the other Floats. 

Bob more recently started offering the new Memorial Float v2.0, which has a layer of white under the main colors, and a perfectly smooth surface.